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Dragon successfully delivered supplies to the ISS, picked up return cargo, and dropped into the Pacific today at 11:42am ET. What makes this special? It was all unmanned, a first for NASA…historically cargo ships have been one-way deliveries only.

Welcome home, Dragon!

Seriously?! For no reason other than lack of funding, Grants Pass, Oregon released 39 convicted felons into the general public yesterday.

“We had no other alternative based on our funding predicament,” said Josephine County Undersheriff Don Fasching. “We are very concerned for public safety.”

Something tells me the ADT guy is gonna see sales go WAY up in that town.

Literally, grab the beer. ’cause you’re riding your bike THROUGH the bar.

NY cops busted the Brower Boys, a gang burglarizing Brooklyn. How? The cops friended them on Facebook…and were approved.

On June 14th at 11am ET (3pm GMT) aquatic instructors around the world will attempt to set a record for the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson. It’ll help build awareness of the need to teach children to swim and give everyone a free swim lesson 😀

Call up your county’s aquatic department, they’re prolly in on it!