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So astronauts can go for a stroll float, hold a coupla sheets of metal together, and presto, we got a wall.

It’s called cold welding and happens in a vacuum when the metals have no coating or oxidization.

Wonder how long it’d take them to slap together a floating tourist habitat with this nifty little trick?

Man eats dinner. Man is short on cash. Man offers up bag of weed to cashier as form of payment.

Cashier: “what the…?!?”

Man offers dope to other customers in exchange for cash.

Cashier picks up phone: “Yeah, can I get a coupla cops down at the Denny’s? Got a customer with weed.”

Cops rush over hoping to score some hash. They got cash so they can pay to eat some waffles.

Man runs off into woods.

Sad cops.

Battlestar Galactica, heads-up! These teens haven’t been in space, haven’t met any aliens (that they know of), and have no experience firing Stallion pistols. Just good ol’ homegrown Earth kids showing what drive and imagination can do—a full-sized, fully functional cockpit & flight simulator for the Colonial Viper. Beat that!

So apparently driving with no shoes in Virginia (and a few other select states) is illegal. I wonder if they’d ticket this guy for lack of shoe, reckless driving, obstructing his mirror…? Your guess is as good as mine.