and we didn’t have our eHarmony passwords cracked by nefarious identity thieves.

Do’s and Don’ts of the bar pickup. Guys, pay attention.

– don’t pretend to recognize us, we know better
– don’t tell us what you do for work—when we care, we’ll ask
– don’t check out other chics
– don’t use a pickup line, gagging on our own puke isn’t fun
– don’t tell us how many hours you work out
– don’t compliment our physical features, save that for your spank-bank
– don’t conveniently flash the cash in your wallet

– do try to get a friend to introduce you
– do start with a simple ‘hi’ or comment about the surroundings, like the bartender or music
– do listen to what we say and respond accordingly…it’s called conversation, you should try it
– do be vulnerable; saying you noticed us but weren’t sure how to approach us is sweet
– do tip the bartender, and tip generously
– do engage our best friend, otherwise known as the cock-blocker
– do leave before the conversation gets boring
– do give us your number; write your name & number on the back of the bar’s business card. Please don’t forget your name. Hand us the card and say how nice it was talking and you’d really like to continue the convo.

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