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Live & die on Mars

Dutch company, Mars One, plans to build a settlement on Mars by 2023. All settlers sign up for a one-way trip and their lives are then put on display via reality show (otherwise known as the source of funding).

Sounds like an awesome plan to become an overnight celebrity, though parties and shopping sprees may be hard to come by.

TV shows we want back!

While Fox, ABC, & NBC spit out new shows like they go through toilet paper, and Hollywood is obsessed with seeing which of them can one-up the Snow White war (really?!), I vote to bring back some of the awesomeness that we miss.

1) I Love Lucy. Really, I do. Anything else on my FIOS guide is upstaged by Lucy.

2) Outsourced. Indian call center managed by a displaced single guy from NY. Truly a gem of a show, especially for viewers with a multi-cultural family or anyone who’s ever had a tech support conversation with Gupta from Mumbai (who introduced himself as Kenneth from Detroit).

3) Dark Angel. Jessica Alba. ’nuff said.

What other candidates are there?

Jupiter’s moon, Europa, may have huge saltwater lakes under its surface. This puts Europa high up on the list of must-visit tourist spots for NASA.

Wonder how many tuna can fit in the cargo hold?

Have your ashes turned into a diamond! Now you can haunt your loved one from their ring finger!

Want a wallaby?

Hit up Pennsylvania. Their Game Commission found a wallaby wandering around Cambridge Springs.

Now, if you imported a wallaby to impress your friends, wouldn’t keeping the gate closed be a priority?