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So while scientists are scrambling to find the next big energy source that doesn’t suck our planet dry or turn it into a shriveled prune, farmers are getting happy with their cows. The cows’ poop, to be more specific.

A big pooper-scooper drops the goods into a tank that lets bacteria feed (yum), and voilà, methane. The gas is captured and converted to power electric generators—enough for 400 homes. When the bacteria are fat & lazy, the tank squeezes out the remaining liquid, which is used to fertilize the fields. The fluffy dry poo that’s left over (sans the stink) makes a nice cozy bedding for the cows.

Cows are cool. Who knew?

Footprints on the moon last…well, just about forever. With no atmosphere to stir up wind, tracks have no reason to disappear.

I guess sneaking away for a space pee is out of the question. Bummer.

The “Buxom Bandit” robs a gas station, probably to pay off her implants. Of course, she forgot a mask and only wore one glove—on the hand that held her knife. The other, non-gloved hand got grabsy with the cash register.

Maybe she thought no one would bother looking at her face or fingerprints if they could ogle her cleavage?

How stars die

Fascinating explanation of how iron kills a star!