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Mars shows off a riverbed

NASA’s very own Curiosity is sending back images of river rocks. They even figured (based on size & dimensions of the gravel) that the stream flowed at a good 3 feet/second.

Pitch my umbrella, I’d give a Martian nickel to lounge on the red planet’s beach.



Friedrich von Schoor, German art student extraordinaire, likes his spiders big. Really big. So big I can see this turning into a B movie on the SyFy channel.

Thankfully, it’s an illusion. He recorded a smaller spider in a to-scale tank, then projected the recording onto the walls of the room. Total creep factor. But an awesome way to beef up your security system.

Life a la Sheldon…yay!!

California’s trail-blazing driverless cars on public roads. Governor Jerry Brown made science fiction legal today, which is especially helpful to the disabled. The blind can ‘drive’…sayonara drunk driving…yay for eradicating traffic caused by the self-important texter who hit their brakes an hour ago.

On the other hand, does anyone remember Toyota’s 2010 Prius brake fubar? Sometimes a little patience in the face of the technology race is a good thing. Personally, I like knowing that my car will slow down to rubberneck when I push the brake pedal.

As if cameras that track our faces aren’t creepy enough…