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Did they go too far?

I love a good prank. The ghost girl in the elevator was last week’s hit, which quickly went viral. But this latest prank by the Brazilian Silvio Santos show features a dead guy in a coffin.

So you tell me…did they go too far? I lean towards hell no, but I never was P.C.

Starving writers unite

Momma Be Thy Name has chosen one of my stories to open her 12 Days of Christmas countdown!

mommabadge20122red1-e1353169194691Momma Be Thy Name has been featured on multiple media and blogging platforms, including Fox News, Scary Mom,, BritMums, and is a contributing blogger to On top of all that, she’s been Freshly Pressed (a couple of times). She’s frequently praised for her insights into parenthood, marriage, and derivations thereof. Follow her…you won’t regret it.

MY short story will be featured on her blog this coming Tuesday as the first of twelve Christmas-themed tales to countdown towards the big day. Yay for starving writers! We write, we cry, we suck it up…but most of all, we hope that our words will touch someone else. We strive to entertain, comfort, encourage, inspire.


Usually we just get lost in the sea of voices. But every now and then, someone reads our stuff and says, “Yeah, I get it. That’s cool.” And our hearts grow three sizes.

Thanks, Momma!

Let’s overlook the fact that walking around with a baggie of powder is (duh) begging for trouble. You figure your name will be cleared after testing proves it’s powdered sugar and you’ll have a big laugh with the media about over-zealous cops.


As it turns out, those forensic scientists might just plunk you in jail with bogus test results. According to Popular Science, bored technicians have plenty of incentive to fake results, from career advancement to getting behind in their workload. Good luck explaining that to your mom.

Science is only as good as its human variables.