I’m a firm believer that truth seeds fiction. Here’s a little proof to back that up…

hypertrichosis-picturesHypertrichosis, or Werewolf Syndrome, is a medical condition in which thick hair grows in unusual places. Like their face and hands. You know, because their genes apparently like social Siberia. Can anyone say Cousin Itt? (on a random note, those blacked-out eyes will absolutely prevent me from recognizing this person in public)


1422348825_smallXeroderma Pigmentosum, or Vampire Syndrome, is an actual allergy to sunlight. Thankfully they aren’t true vampires, just unfortunate souls—obsession with blood is reserved for the true crazies.


9781e9e0-c634-698e-112d-5c720e4c6430_TWDS4_Gallery_Rick-Fen.jpgCotard’s Delusion, Walking Corpse Syndrome, makes victims believe they are either dead or missing limbs. There’s a recent story that shows this disorder is alive and well (pun intended). Medical condition aside, what the hell is our fascination with zombies?