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Scratch the dehydrated crap, Dragon delivered real, chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream to the ISS crewCommander Williams (pictured) shared with the Japanese and Russian astronauts.



The irony of fire-breathing Dragon carrying ice cream in its belly doesn’t take away from the ‘aww’ factor.

Scientific Chicago

The Dragon capsule and rocket Falcon 9 made a successful launch from Cape Canaveral last night. Now the capsule is currently playing the role of “It” in a celestial game of tag, chasing down the International Space Station to deliver cargo.

Since the ISS is constantly in orbit, circling the entire globe in 91.5 minutes, the Dragon capsule has to spend the next few days catching up.

This is good news for stargazers. As the capsule gets closer and closer, you’ll be able to see two specs streak across the early night and pre-dawn sky (you can’t see satellites in the middle of the night because they need to reflect the sun to be seen. If the sun is on the other side of the Earth, we block the rays from hitting the satellite).

If you want to know where and when you can see the ISS or the Dragon…

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Dragon successfully delivered supplies to the ISS, picked up return cargo, and dropped into the Pacific today at 11:42am ET. What makes this special? It was all unmanned, a first for NASA…historically cargo ships have been one-way deliveries only.

Welcome home, Dragon!

NASA has a new RV!

Dragon, an unmanned delivery ship, successfully docked with the International Space Station 3 days ago.

What makes this baby unique? It’s designed to return unscathed and loaded with stuff for us Earthlings to ooh and aah over, a first for space deliveries. Until now, when our astronauts ordered a pizza, the ride ended up as space debris.

Pretty cool that we get to watch advances in space exploration on Youtube, somewhat blocked by a butt in khakis.