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Flying cars. For realz.

Evidence that a complete head transplant is possible. Wow. Just wow.

Eduardo D. Rodriguez, M.D.

Flying Pot?


This is a whole new take on getting high. According to Popular Science, Arizona border patrol found 33 canisters of marijuana about 500 feet away from the Mexican border. Apparently, a pneumatic cannon was used to launch the pot over the fence. Evil Knievel dope, anyone?


At least it beats carrier pigeons. Though really, if they’re going to launch weed over the border, they oughta be trying the Canadian border @ Washington.

Best. App. Ever.

Google Earth for space. Solar Walk, available in the iTunes store, lets you explore earth from space, complete with local satellites orbiting our home. No need to book a $20 million ticket when you can visit from the comfort of your iPad.


Hubble‘s a familiar favorite…


Tired of our home planet? Tap on Saturn and zoom over to check out the rings.


Want to preview the app before forking over $4.99? Here’s a demo.



The New York Times caught wind of a law student, Cody Wilson (photo by the Guardian), who leased a 3D printer with the intent to print his own guns. Apparently he’s working on a CAD gun design that he wants to make publicly available—anyone with access to a 3D printer could make their own arsenal of ‘Wiki Weapons‘.


But this event brings a moral question into play. 3D printing, which builds up materials in layers, has become increasingly affordable. Add the digital design and raw materials, and the question is no longer how to create, but if we should create.

What do you think? Is printing our own guns legal? Is it morally or ethically right?