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Flying cars. For realz.

My jaw literally dropped open. The kid’s pretty cute, too.

Cancer, meet AIDS


Leave it to medical science to push the envelope. According to the New York Times, doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have been testing out a new cancer treatment: infecting a patient’s T-cells with a disabled form of H.I.V. In a nutshell, the T-cells are extracted from the patient and genetically modified to attack cancer cells. H.I.V. virus is added to the mix since it helps carry the new genetic material to those T-cells.

Emma Whitehead was six years old when the hospital tried their AIDS treatment on her. Her acute lymphoblastic leukemia is now seven months in remission. Another three adult patients have experienced the same full remission. There have, of course, been stumbles and failures along the way (as with any new medical treatment).

But for the Whiteheads, and for who knows how many future cancer patients, AIDS is a cure.


Let’s overlook the fact that walking around with a baggie of powder is (duh) begging for trouble. You figure your name will be cleared after testing proves it’s powdered sugar and you’ll have a big laugh with the media about over-zealous cops.


As it turns out, those forensic scientists might just plunk you in jail with bogus test results. According to Popular Science, bored technicians have plenty of incentive to fake results, from career advancement to getting behind in their workload. Good luck explaining that to your mom.

Science is only as good as its human variables.

How many people are going to frantically Google ‘polyp Hydra diet’?