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Cancer, meet AIDS


Leave it to medical science to push the envelope. According to the New York Times, doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have been testing out a new cancer treatment: infecting a patient’s T-cells with a disabled form of H.I.V. In a nutshell, the T-cells are extracted from the patient and genetically modified to attack cancer cells. H.I.V. virus is added to the mix since it helps carry the new genetic material to those T-cells.

Emma Whitehead was six years old when the hospital tried their AIDS treatment on her. Her acute lymphoblastic leukemia is now seven months in remission. Another three adult patients have experienced the same full remission. There have, of course, been stumbles and failures along the way (as with any new medical treatment).

But for the Whiteheads, and for who knows how many future cancer patients, AIDS is a cure.



Remember Terri Schiavo?

After all the hoopla about Terri’s death in 2005, researchers at the University of Ontario have proven that vegetative-state patients can communicate. And not just wiggling a finger. Stick them in an fMRI and watch the monitors light up with answers to direct questions. They’re even working on portable EEGs for family members to re-establish communication at home.

Makes you wonder if Terri’s husband regrets putting her down.

University of Ontario

Best. App. Ever.

Google Earth for space. Solar Walk, available in the iTunes store, lets you explore earth from space, complete with local satellites orbiting our home. No need to book a $20 million ticket when you can visit from the comfort of your iPad.


Hubble‘s a familiar favorite…


Tired of our home planet? Tap on Saturn and zoom over to check out the rings.


Want to preview the app before forking over $4.99? Here’s a demo.



Do not try this at home

Gotta love science. A couple of quick stops for finely ground Potassium Permanganate + Liquid Glycerin Enema = spontaneous combustion. Seriously…try at your own risk.


Click below to watch…


The New York Times caught wind of a law student, Cody Wilson (photo by the Guardian), who leased a 3D printer with the intent to print his own guns. Apparently he’s working on a CAD gun design that he wants to make publicly available—anyone with access to a 3D printer could make their own arsenal of ‘Wiki Weapons‘.


But this event brings a moral question into play. 3D printing, which builds up materials in layers, has become increasingly affordable. Add the digital design and raw materials, and the question is no longer how to create, but if we should create.

What do you think? Is printing our own guns legal? Is it morally or ethically right?