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My heart beats for Mars

Ah, to be one of the cherished few headed to join Matt Damon. Our favorite scientist, Sheldon Cooper, might even be there!

This image from Mars has been generating some controversy, mostly because NASA identified the shiny object as “part of the rock” while the rest of us squint and imagine loftier origins.

What’s your take?

130103-coslog-plastic-1215p.photoblog900(photo credit NBCnews.com)

Of course, this follows the last head-scratcher from October…NASA decided this must have been plastic that shook loose from Curiosity itself.

imagesizer(photo credit NBCnews.com)

Gotta wonder how many ‘unusual’ objects the rover isn’t picking up given what a tiny percentage of the surface it can examining.


Mars shows off a riverbed

NASA’s very own Curiosity is sending back images of river rocks. They even figured (based on size & dimensions of the gravel) that the stream flowed at a good 3 feet/second.

Pitch my umbrella, I’d give a Martian nickel to lounge on the red planet’s beach.