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Did they go too far?

I love a good prank. The ghost girl in the elevator was last week’s hit, which quickly went viral. But this latest prank by the Brazilian Silvio Santos show features a dead guy in a coffin.

So you tell me…did they go too far? I lean towards hell no, but I never was P.C.

Friedrich von Schoor, German art student extraordinaire, likes his spiders big. Really big. So big I can see this turning into a B movie on the SyFy channel.

Thankfully, it’s an illusion. He recorded a smaller spider in a to-scale tank, then projected the recording onto the walls of the room. Total creep factor. But an awesome way to beef up your security system.

Came across this awhile ago—still funny no matter how many times I watch it! Up there with Superbowl commercials…

LOVE me some pranks!!