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Life a la Sheldon…yay!!

Check out this short video about the current Mars rover, Opportunity, and the next one to join the exploration, Curiosity.

How far are we from domed habitats?!

I’m a Star Wars fan, always have been. My teen is a Star Wars squirrel. Imagine a squirrel with a nut—he’ll find it, hoard it, drool over it, talk about it to his little squirrel buddies and brag to the chipmunk family. A true Star Wars fan is a squirrel.

Enter Wookieepedia, where SW squirrels can get their fix and run around chittering to the bluebird babies. The babies who can’t fly away yet and have no way of escaping the squirrel’s nuttiness. In non-metaphor, the SW fan’s family.

We can’t help but get sucked in, though. Star Wars is awesome, anyone who argues that point shall be exiled to an uninhabited planet on the edges of Imperial space.

The only valid argument is which trilogy speaks to you most? IV – VI, with our Skywalker hero and Han Solo saving the day? Or I – III, where depth of history is probed? Or does the Clone Wars grab you?

And while we’re debating, get your fix at…      Happy flying!!