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Scratch the dehydrated crap, Dragon delivered real, chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream to the ISS crewCommander Williams (pictured) shared with the Japanese and Russian astronauts.



The irony of fire-breathing Dragon carrying ice cream in its belly doesn’t take away from the ‘aww’ factor.

Footprints on the moon last…well, just about forever. With no atmosphere to stir up wind, tracks have no reason to disappear.

I guess sneaking away for a space pee is out of the question. Bummer.

NYC residents get to watch Enterprise hitch a ride on a barge, while Explorer can be seen rolling around NASA’s property in Houston.

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U gotta watch this movie…buy it, redbox it, hulu it, whatever…totally messed UP!

Dragon, an unmanned delivery ship, successfully docked with the International Space Station 3 days ago.

What makes this baby unique? It’s designed to return unscathed and loaded with stuff for us Earthlings to ooh and aah over, a first for space deliveries. Until now, when our astronauts ordered a pizza, the ride ended up as space debris.

Pretty cool that we get to watch advances in space exploration on Youtube, somewhat blocked by a butt in khakis.