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Mars shows off a riverbed

NASA’s very own Curiosity is sending back images of river rocks. They even figured (based on size & dimensions of the gravel) that the stream flowed at a good 3 feet/second.

Pitch my umbrella, I’d give a Martian nickel to lounge on the red planet’s beach.



Per Popular Science, University of Technology Sydney has come up with a new material: graphene paper. Thin and flexible (like paper), it’s lighter and stronger than steel. And the cherry on top—it doesn’t break the bank.

Not only are they looking into how this paper can be used in planes and cars for fuel savings, but imagine how many other industries might want to take a look. Prophylactics, protective gear/clothing, space travel…

On the downside, your dog can’t eat your homework anymore.

Footprints on the moon last…well, just about forever. With no atmosphere to stir up wind, tracks have no reason to disappear.

I guess sneaking away for a space pee is out of the question. Bummer.