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Best. App. Ever.

Google Earth for space. Solar Walk, available in the iTunes store, lets you explore earth from space, complete with local satellites orbiting our home. No need to book a $20 million ticket when you can visit from the comfort of your iPad.


Hubble‘s a familiar favorite…


Tired of our home planet? Tap on Saturn and zoom over to check out the rings.


Want to preview the app before forking over $4.99? Here’s a demo.



Scratch the dehydrated crap, Dragon delivered real, chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream to the ISS crewCommander Williams (pictured) shared with the Japanese and Russian astronauts.



The irony of fire-breathing Dragon carrying ice cream in its belly doesn’t take away from the ‘aww’ factor.

Mars shows off a riverbed

NASA’s very own Curiosity is sending back images of river rocks. They even figured (based on size & dimensions of the gravel) that the stream flowed at a good 3 feet/second.

Pitch my umbrella, I’d give a Martian nickel to lounge on the red planet’s beach.