Sometimes I surf Google for fun science facts. Here are a few of my favorite weather mindbenders, in honor of our continuous descent into unpredictability.

hurricane-facts Got a hurricane coming? Prepare for the energy of 8,000 one-megaton bombs. (ListVerse)

– Around the globe, about 100 lightning strikes happen every second. And we all walk around with umbrellas held up by metal poles. (Zarius)

– Tornadoes generally spin clockwise in the southern hemisphere, and counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere. (ScienceKids)

cratrwets– Mt. Wai-‘ale-‘ale of Hawaii is the wettest spot in the world. Now say that five times real fast. (Muskurahat)

– The largest snowflake on record was 15 inches wide and 7.8 inches thick…it fell from the Montana sky in 1887 (Climate&Weather). Seriously, 125 years ago someone ran around during a snowstorm brandishing a ruler.