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Flying Pot?


This is a whole new take on getting high. According to Popular Science, Arizona border patrol found 33 canisters of marijuana about 500 feet away from the Mexican border. Apparently, a pneumatic cannon was used to launch the pot over the fence. Evil Knievel dope, anyone?


At least it beats carrier pigeons. Though really, if they’re going to launch weed over the border, they oughta be trying the Canadian border @ Washington.

So Catalina Clouser and her boyfriend are puffing it up when they realize they’re out of Miller. Of course, like any responsible parents, they buckle their 5-week-old baby into his car seat before driving off to stock up. Boyfriend gets arrested for driving under the influence.

Catalina’s so upset, she smokes another couple bowls of the happy at her friend’s house. She drives off, her infant safely bucked in his seat. Of course, the seat is ON THE ROOF of the car. Guess it was the boyfriend’s job to make sure the carseat was inside?

Why does it seem like only stupid people are breeding?!


Man eats dinner. Man is short on cash. Man offers up bag of weed to cashier as form of payment.

Cashier: “what the…?!?”

Man offers dope to other customers in exchange for cash.

Cashier picks up phone: “Yeah, can I get a coupla cops down at the Denny’s? Got a customer with weed.”

Cops rush over hoping to score some hash. They got cash so they can pay to eat some waffles.

Man runs off into woods.

Sad cops.